99 Simple Marketing Tips You Can Use to Treble Your Business

"One eBook - Barrel loads of Ideas"


"What does it take to get a consistent stream of the right kind of leads and sales?"

What channels do you need and what do you use them for?

How do you generate leads?

How do you show up and gain attention online?

And what on earth is digital marketing and where do you start?

In 2013 Jo and I quit our jobs and started a marketing agency. Back then it wasn’t an agency; it was just us working from the kitchen table. Since then, we’ve grown the business to three times the size and although we like to think a lot of that was down to us being talented people, it’s not.

That’s not enough. You also need to be seen, be known, be trusted, and be the company someone thinks of when they need what you do or what you sell.

But how do you do that?

Well… there isn’t a simple answer to that but here are a few to give you an idea:

Consistency - whatever you do, do it well, and do it often.

Honesty – we’ve always been open honest and transparent in our messages.

Storytelling – engage with the very core of humans – stories.

Of course, you may well have heard those before and might even already be using them in your marketing.

But what's next?

We’ve got a tonne of ideas that you can put in place for your marketing – directly from our past 8 years growing an engaged following and strong business.

We were desperate to share them.

So we decided to create an eBook called “99 Simple Marketing Tips You Can Use to Treble Your Business (Just Like We Did!)”. 

We were going to sell it, but then decided to give it away for free and help as many people as we can.

99 Simple Marketing Tips You Can Use to Treble Your Business

The authors...

Todd - Director at Spaghetti Agency

Jo - Director at Spaghetti Agency

  • Over 16 pages of content
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  • Ideal for SMEs and start-ups
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